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The world is full of 'Visual Jewels', small moments of stunning beauty, so one makes an attempt to try capture something of the fleeting moment and  painting 'En plein air' has always been a central activity to my work. 
This  site has been set up to show  the paintings. They are executed mainly with oil paint
 out in the open landscape. 

Please browse through the gallery rooms. Many of the pieces displayed are for sale. 
If you are interested in buying any paintings, or commissioning a painting please contact me here 

Or below is a video starting with a short 1minute painting demo followed by a slide show of 140 paintings


Years ago someone said to me "It isn't what is painted but how it is painted which is  important" and that is very true.  Paradoxically, painting en plein air, although a relaxation activity, in a sense often takes much concentration and effort. But I think something of the struggle is revealed in the finished painting that can even add to the work's strength.

Also as a Stained |Glass designer/painter, there is a page here dedicated to glasswork, but also a separate website so please visit that if you are interested in Stained glass. Courses are being offered in stained glass painting as well. .+44 (0)1380 813878

I hope you enjoy the work.  
More details about the progress of painting work etc., can be found on    my painting diary blog.

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