Back in the 1980s after leaving art college, I trained as a Scenic Artist and most of the work was done for West End stage productions. Often it was an exciting job with great comradeship and teamwork, but as Stained Glass became a passionate interest I changed career.   Nevertheless these skills are still called on from time to time and as a singer in our local opera group, White Horse Opera , I have designed and co-ordinated the painting of  over a dozen sets for the annual productions.  Below are some examples of the scaled stage models and set painting etc. 


At present I am involved in WHITE HORSE OPERA'S 2012 production of "La Traviata".

The director has set the time Circa 1910 Paris, and  a number of paintings, by well known Post Impressionist painters of the time, are being used to set the stage and mood of each scene.

Click HERE to see the paintin